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مناسب 1 تا 5 نفر
مدت زمان: 90 دقیقه
پیچیدگی: متوسط
سن: 14 سال به بالا



Icecool2: flick the Penguins around the school and catch the fish, then turn Hall monitor to stop the Rascals in their Tracks; This 3D box-in-a-box board game’s flicking pieces curve, dive and jump.
More ice cool fun: The follow up to the 2017 children’s game of the year ice cool, this standalone kids board game can be combined with the original to create new layouts and include more players.
۳D board game: the game contains 5 boxes that players fasten together with fish tokens creating an immersive 3D game board. Plastic Penguins, cards and English/French/Spanish rules also included.

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    • سلام، حدودا ده روز دیگه

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