Keyforge: Age of Ascension 2 Player Set

Keyforge: Age of Ascension 2 Player Set

ست شروع بازی KeyForge، Age  of Ascension حاوی دو بسته کارت منحصر به فرد

مناسب دو نفر

بالای 14 سال

15 تا 45 دقیقه



In 2018, legendary designer Richard Garfield introduced the world to KeyForge—a game where every deck is as unique as the player who wields it, coming pre-built and ready-to-play. Wits and tactical prowess win the day in a fast-paced game of cosmic competition where death is temporary, but glory is forever.

Along with this groundbreaking design came a lush, endlessly diverse world to call home. The Crucible, an artificial planet filled with secrets known only to the Architects, acts as the perfect setting for the world’s first Unique Deck Game, as the pieces of countless worlds gather to change the landscape every day to create something new and incredible. Now, you are invited to journey deeper into Crucible as your quest to unlock the power of this planet and ascend to a new plane continues.


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